Helpful Hints

Tip #1:
How to get the most out of your closet space when more shelving space is needed?

When hanging your clothes in the double hanging section of the closet, use the lower portion for hanging pants. Since pants take less height, the base shelf of the closet may now be used for shoes; freeing up more shelving space for other items.

Should I cedar line the entire closet to protect my wool/cashmere clothing from moths?

Cedar lining the entire closet in most cases is unnecessary. Cedar line only the areas that hold the clothing that need to be protected from those pesky moths. Add the many optional doors available to keep dust out and for added protection.

Tired of unneeded trips to the grocery store and spending money on pantry items that where hidden in your pantry or kitchen cabinets?

A pantry makeover can make life in the kitchen a whole lot easier and save you time and money. Adjustable shelves and pullout trays create an efficient pantry and will allow you to see all of your cooking supplies, canned goods and drinks; eliminating purchasing items that you already have.

Tip #4:
Is parking two cars in the garage a dream?

Garage cabinets can not only eliminate the mess from the garage floor. They also allow you to store seasonal clothing, freeing up more space in your closets. The adjustable shelves in the cabinets will allow you to maximize the space available to you; and they are a great means for storing suitcases, over flow of bulk Costco items, cleaning supplies and so much more. Now parking two cars in the garage is no longer a dream.